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Wild Apricot 4.0

A little over a month ago, the association web site software service Wild Apricot went through a major upgrade.  As users and beta testers of the service, we’re very happy with the new features and enhancements.  For those who may have looked at Wild Apricot in the past but not since the end of September 2010, here are some of the BIG improvements in our eyes:

Financial Management. Transactions are much easier to manage now – for both online and offline transactions.   The changes made allow for Wild Apricot to be the record keeping mechanism for offline transactions, such as checks, in a much more complete and easy-to-use fashion, and still allow for export of that data so that your organization has the information to manipulate offline.  The improvement here is hard to understate as it is a necessity for associations really wanting to use an online association management software package for all three pieces that Wild Apricot covers – the membership, content, and transaction management pieces.  And the online reports offered are very valuable as well.

Importing Membership Information. A process that used to be somewhat of a headache is now as easy as you could expect it to be.  I suspect that the old import method was a significant barrier to smaller associations actually loading membership data, because it required formatting and ordering of data in a way that took way more time that it needed.   Today it is really just a couple of small steps beyond uploading an existing spreadsheet of member data.  Thank you.

Group Management. Now you can create secure pages that are visible to a subset of your members only with Group Management.  It could be for a committee, or a board, or a regional subset, but it allows for a new way to break the membership-only content out.

There were many, many other additions and upgrades to the Wild Apricot service with 4.0.   For associations, we do not see a better software option if they want to combine the power of content, contact and transaction management with their site at this price.  And as the October upgrade shows, it’s only getting better.

Kessler Freedman, Inc.